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  • Land purchase
  • Elaboration of the Project with the architect
  • Permit obtainment
  • Construction management
  • Interior design
  • And more. We take care of everything!

Building your house from scratch is always the best option, for this will ensure that everything will be as you want it, and that there won’t be a single corner of the house that is not to your liking.

You can choose the size of the rooms, the distribution, the materials and much more. Every single part of it can be exactly as you want it to. It is even an option that will always have a lower cost than acquiring an already built house and reforming it to adapt it to you.

At IMMOCDQ we are by your side from the beginning, starting from the appropriate choice of land, until you move in to your new home.

We take care of selecting the land that fits your preferences, we make sure that the urban regulations allow you to carry out the project that you have in mind. You will have at your disposal the architect who can best develop your ideas and the construction company that guarantees your house will be exactly as you want it to. We advise you throughout the process controlling the works daily, choosing the final details with you and managing any circumstance that may arise.

We believe the whole process of building a home goes farther than the delivery of the keys. Therefore, we will continue to accompany you, always giving you our best advice and help through moving, contracting supplies, insurance, furniture, and basically anything we can help you with. We will remain there for you also once you are already enjoying your new home.


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