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Sometimes we discard a house that is a good opportunity because we can’t see its possibilities or because it needs reforms and it might look scary to make that investment.

There are many problems that scare us, such as finding a trustworthy builder, a plumber, a painter or a gardener. We will also have to know which permits and licenses are needed, as well as what urban planning regulations will allow us to do, and many more things.

The same thing might happen to us if we consider reforming our own house, even if it is simply a matter of changing a kitchen or a bathroom.

At IMMOCDQ we make it as easy as we can for you. We present you an interior design project that we take care of, by contract, and we even offer you a virtual representation of the project so that you have a clear idea about both the cost and the time frame of the reform. All your doubts solved before we start.

The process consists in 6 steps:

1-A first visit with the architect to the space to be reformed, and an interview in which you explain your expectations.

2-Second interview in which we present a draft of the project and define it according to your criteria.

3-Choice of materials. We propose you the most suitable materials according to your budget or we organize a visit to a materials warehouse so that you can choose them yourself.

4-Presentation of the final project, budget and signing of the contract in which we promise to carry out the project within the agreed period.

5-Carrying out the works in which you will only intervene, if you wish, visiting the space to follow their evolution.

6-Delivery of keys.

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